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AICHO Moira Villiard _Eye of God_ 30X40.jpg

Moira Villiard

Duluth, MN

Through public art collaborations across Minnesota, Moira Villiard (pronounced "Miri") is a multidisciplinary artist, community organizer and arts educator, concentrating her efforts around issues of equity and justice. Moira uses art to uplift underrepresented narratives, explore the nuance of society’s historical community intersections, and promote community healing spaces. She works fulltime as a freelance consultant, designer, speaker, and is the project director and lead artist of the Chief Buffalo Memorial Murals. Moira grew up on the Fond du Lac Reservation in Cloquet, MN and is a Fond du Lac direct descendent of mixed settler and Indigenous heritage; she currently lives in Duluth, MN.

Featured Items from Moria Villiard

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