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Avery Makesroom

Duluth, MN

I grew up along the North Shore of Lake Superior just outside of Duluth. Growing up, my dad would always bring me to community happenings introducing me to art and culture around Duluth at a young age. This helped me navigate my own interest in art and establish myself with artists and community members. I spent a lot of time at AICHO during the early years of Gimaajii and I loved when my dad would bring me to their artist receptions. I pursued business after High School and moving back home to Duluth in 2020 I started my role at AICHO as their Indigenous First Coordinator, I established great relationships with artists, learned how to curate shows and the business of art.

    During the summer of 2023, I started a new role at Rabbit, Bird & Bear: Fine Art as their Gallery coordinator. Curating and Consulting art has really excited me in this new position and I am beyond excited to see where the direction of this Gallery leads!

Featured Items from Avery Makesroom

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